Forging & Casting Parts

Forging & Casting Parts

We have supplied Forging & Casting Parts to diverse industries for more than 30 years and utilize our knowledge and engineering support from prototype to mass production process. We are able to adopt the right manufacturing process to reduce your cost level without degrading the quality.


Core Competencies


With decades of practices in forging & casting, we have accumulated essential knowledge about material properties and manufacturing processes to make quality parts as expected.


●In-House Mold Design / Tooling

Our in-house mold design / tooing ability creates our advantage in providing short lead time, competitive mold & tooling cost and instant upgrades or modifications to parts


●Engineering Support

Full CAD/CAM capabilities are utilized to help customers complete or improve design in the product development process.



Forging Capability

Hot Forging, Cold Forging, Closed Die Forging

Casting Capability

Sand Casting, Permanent Molding Casting, Die Casting, Ceramic & Investment Casting

Material Capability

Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Zinc, Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron


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